Wirral Property Group Landlord Accreditations

In order to demonstrate our commitment to quality and reliability in the property management sector, Wirral Property Group have voluntarily applied for and been awarded the Wirral Property Accreditation and the Wirral Management Accreditation.

These voluntary schemes give recognition for high standards of management practices in the property management and landlord sectors.

Wirral Property Code of Standards

Property Accreditation LogoThis scheme recognises good quality, well managed, private rented accommodation. Each property which meet's the scheme's standards, is awarded the accreditation. The accreditation is valid for three years, during which properties are regularly checked to ensure the code of standards is being maintained.

Wirral Property Group has been awarded this accreditation by Wirral Council by meeting the required standards in:

Electrical Safety Fire Safety Thermal Comfort Security Repair and Maintenance

These standards are over and above the legal obligations expected of private sector landlords.

For more information on this accreditation, visit the Wirral Council's accreditation scheme page here:

wirral.gov.uk - Property Code Of Standards

Wirral Management Code of Standards

Management Accreditation LogoThis scheme recognises high standards of management practices. As accredited members of the scheme, Wirral Property Group have agreed to abide by the Scheme's Code of Standard.

The scheme does not replace a landlord or agent's legal obligations but promotes high standards of housing management in Wirral by ensuring tenancy problems are managed effectively, reducing the incidence of crime, anti-social behaviour and harassment and give tenants access to quality housing.

The code identifies standards that must be adhered to in managing:

Professional Development Tenancy Standards (prior to tenancy, on commencement, tenancy agreements & receipts) Disputes Property Repairs Inventories Housing Benefits Business Conduct

For more information on this accreditation, visit the Wirral Council's accreditation scheme page here:

wirral.gov.uk - Management Code Of Standards

National Landlord Association (NLA) Accreditation

NLA logo

The NLA Accreditation is purely based on Landlord Development and good management practice. It is a national scheme which offers greater consistency for all landlords, tenants and councils to recognise. The scheme operates jointly with the local authority, and requires landlords to:

  • join the NLA
  • operate under an agreed code of conduct
  • pass an initial test in various core subjects
  • take continued assessment in order to maintain the accreditation

More information about this scheme and the NLA can be found here:


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